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Quality & Values

“Top quality from the cocoa bean to the chocolate shop” is Läderach’s motto.

We are a family company rooted in tradition, and have the freedom to live the values at the heart of our company at all levels. Läderach’s authenticity is also recognised by all its partners, customers and consumers. We can directly influence every link in the value chain, which enables us to ensure our high quality standards are maintained. Recognising the quality of the moment; appreciating the here and now: this approach drives our work. Pleasure in the result is what we aim for with the following core values — for both customers and consumers.


Läderach means noticeable freshness that you can feel, taste and enjoy. Only absolutely fresh, carefully selected ingredients are good enough for our enticing creations. Läderach also stands for warmth and joie de vivre expressed in direct, personal contact with customers, partners and consumers.


Läderach Chocolatiers employ creativity and enthusiasm as well as all the arts of confectionery in their daily work. Their passion is lovingly handcrafting miniature masterpieces using carefully selected ingredients from the best sources. This artisanal passion defines Läderach.


Läderach is deeply rooted in Swiss tradition. We respect the environment and take our ecological responsibility extremely seriously. Swiss quality is reflected in our guarantee that we use only the best ingredients for our carefully hand-made products, and that our partners and consumers can rely on us absolutely.


Creativity and a spirit of innovation have always been fundamental to work at Läderach. We create scope for new products so we can focus on business customers’ and consumers’ individual wishes and needs. Often, special requirements are the starting point for new concepts which become a key element of our product range. The great potential of international markets is one of Läderach’s inspirations for creative innovation and new gourmet delights.


The family has always been the foundation and source of inspiration for both the Läderach brand and company. Although Läderach has a global presence, the company’s roots are local and it works by fundamental family values such as reliability, honesty and trust. Family also means sustainability. Using the family name as the brand is also a promise that each individual member is aware of their responsibility for the environment and for others, both now and in the future.